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Success Stories

JP’s Story

JP was admitted to Berry Hill Health and Rehab the month of December 2012 following an intracerebral hemorrhage.

Prior to the cerebral incident and admission JP was independent with all self-care skills, driving and walking with a straight point cane. JP was eager to return to this level of function.

Upon evaluation for physical and occupational therapy, he participated in upper extremity exercises, lower extremity strengthening, and wheelchair mobility. JP was unable to move his right upper extremity at all upon admission. JP was unable to perform bed mobility, sit on edge of bed, transfer from bed to wheelchair, or walk.

After aggressive occupational therapy, JP has increased his manual muscle strength and able to use his right upper extremity as a functional assist. Upon discharge, he made great improvement with walking and balance activities. JP is able to walk 300 feet with a quad cane and standby assistance. By the end of March 2013, his functional goals were met at a level of supervision and his risk for falling decreased as he increased muscle strength.

He is happy to have returned home with his wife.